Krill Oil 1000 mg pure


ScientificallyFormulated with K*REAL* Krill for Superior Freshness,
Stability & Potency
Supports heart, brain, joint and immune system health
Twice the effectiveness of fish Oil*

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Doctor’s Blend Krill Oil contains Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin shields other areas against destructive free radicals.

Almost every cell in the body, including the eyes, brain, heart, and kidney, can benefit from astaxanthin. Recent laboratory studies show that astaxanthin can even increase life span! Japanese scientists developed astaxanthin from marinealgae as a potent oral agent to protect against ultraviolet damage to skin. Astaxanthin holds multiple benefits in managing diabesity, with its resulting oxidant stress, high levels of chronic inflammation, and extensive tissue damage from protein and lipid glycation.

SKU: 748252063250

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