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Natural solutions for your daily iron needs. Embraced by women for over 60 years.
Women around the world are passionate about their Floradix. Beloved for its ability to prevent common iron deficiency symptoms that may occur as a result of growth spurts, monthly blood loss, pregnancy or digestive malabsorption, Floradix Iron + Herbs supports women throughout their lifetimes – before, during and after the childbearing years. For the thousands of women who find they are able to remain free from constipation commonly caused by iron supplementation, Floradix is the natural iron solution.

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Are you low in iron?
Iron is one of the most common dietary deficiencies, affecting as many as 4-5 billion people or 66-80% of the world’s population, according to the World Health Organization.
Some of the symptoms of iron deficiency are:
– Fatigue and general lack of energy
– Decreased ability to concentrate
– Decreased endurance during exercise
– Increased frequency of infection
– Paleness and/or dark circles under the eyes
– Brittle hair and nails
– Cold hands and feet
Iron deficiency (pre-anemia) and anemia have also been linked to PMS, depression, decreased fertility and complications in pregnancy. An early diagnosis of pre-anemia can be achieved with a simple blood test called serum ferritin, allowing for easy correction and prevention of the progression of symptoms.
Floradix: a quality iron supplement
Easy-to-digest liquid solution
The average person’s body will only dissolve and absorb 20% (3) of most solid supplements and will eliminate the remaining 80%, possibly causing side effects such as constipation, gas and bloating. Because Floradix is a liquid solution and does not need to dissolve, 98%3 of the iron is available for quick potential absorption. As a matter of fact, Floradix was found in a recent study to be faster and more effective at bringing iron stores back to normal than iron from food (1), and can help women boost the average diet, which contains only 8-10mg/day, in order to meet the recommended daily iron intake of 18mg.
Highly absorbable iron compounds
Floradix boasts the highest possible iron absorption rate: up to 25% (4) is absorbed for potential utilization (that’s more than twice the absorption of other iron supplements or even dietary iron) due to its liquid format as well as the organically bound iron gluconate and co-factors. Better absorption means you don’t need to take as much. In a recent study, it was found that due to the high absorption rate of Floradix, very little unabsorbed iron enters into the intestinal tract and therefore constipation is unlikely to occur (5).
Safe, useable dosage
Because Floradix is so highly absorbable, the dosage can be much lower than other iron supplements while still satisfying daily supplemental iron requirements. As well, there is no risk of excess iron storage (2), making Floradix safe for long-term, daily use.
Iron for life
Iron is needed daily in order for your body to keep making new red blood cells, which transport oxygen and permit energy production. Vital for growth and optimal functioning, iron is required in varying amounts throughout the stages of your life. Research has shown that declining iron stores are responsible for numerous health concerns.
– Decreased fertility has been linked to low iron stores (6).
– Before and during pregnancy, low iron can be responsible for improper placenta development and occurrences of pre-term & low birth weight babies (7).
– In infants & children, low iron can cause inadequate production of red blood cells needed for growth.
– In toddlers & school-aged children, iron deficiency can cause poor learning, memory8 and behavioral problems as well as developmental delays (9).
– From the ages of around 15 to 55, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy & lactation increase the need for iron.
– In both men & women over 59, iron deficiency has become the most common deficiency due to the body’s decreased ability to absorb nutrients (2).
– Athletes and those who exercise regularly lose iron through sweat & the digestive tract, putting them at risk for deficiency and decreased endurance.
What sets Floradix Iron + Herbs apart?
– A highly soluble iron compound and special iron-fed yeast: Combined with B vitamins & vitamin C to provide the highest possible absorption rate.
– Floravital (Yeast-Free) Iron + Herbs: Provides the same benefits and delicious taste as Floradix Iron + Herbs. Suitable for yeast- or gluten-free diets.
– Safe, useable dosage: Satisfies daily supplemental iron needs and is safe for long-term supplementation as it does not encourage the storage of excess iron (2).
– Easy-to-digest liquid solution: Allows for more contact with absorption sites and provides approximately 98%3 absorption.
– Great-tasting fruit juice base: pH-balanced with natural fruit juices.
– Enhanced absorption: added digestive herbs and iron-rich whole food concentrates.
– Ideal for vegetarians and vegans
– Certified Kosher
– No harmful additives: No lead, pesticide residues, alcohol, preservatives or artificial colouring.
Also available in convenient Travel Packs or Floradix Iron + Herbs Tablets.
Floradix Iron + Herbs is the natural iron solution and has been providing safe and effective iron supplementation for over 60 years.
Leaders in health since 1916

Iron is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world. Floradix Iron + Herbs provides a very highly absorbable form of iron and combines it with B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, digestive herbs, specially cultured nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), plus ocean kelp and extracts of wheat germ and rosehip.
Floradix Iron + Herbs offers nutrients required for proper growth, energy, and for maintaining optimum health*. All family members can enjoy the health benefits of this liquid formulation. Unlike other iron products, Floradix Iron + Herbs is non constipating.
Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 2 tsp (10 ml)
Servings Per Container: 50

Calories: 20
Total Carbohydrate: 5 g
Sugars: 5 g
Vitamin C: 10 mg
Vitamin B1: 2.5 mg
Vitamin B2: 4.0 mg
Vitamin B6: 2.0 mg
Vitamin B12: 7.5 mcg
Iron (elemental): 10 mg
(from ferrous gluconate)

Ingredients:Aqueous extract from: carrot, nettle wort, spinach, quitch roots, angelica roots, fennel, ocean kelp, African mallow blossom, orange peel.
Juice concentrates (pear, red grape, black currant, orange, blackberry, cherry, beetroot), yeast extract (saccharomyces cerevisiae), honey, rosehip extract, wheat germ extract, natural flavor.
Dosage:Adults (12 and over): Take two teaspoons (half of measuring cap), twice daily before meals.
Children(4 11 years old): Take two teaspoons (half of measuring cap), once daily before a meal.
Directions:Shake bottle well before using. Take before meals.
For Kosher use:Mix two teaspoons (half of measuring cap) into half a glass of water or juice.
As this product does not contain alcohol or artificial preservatives, it must be refrigerated after opening.
Do Not Drink From The Bottle!
This product must be used within 4 weeks of opening.

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