Bladderwrack, Low Alcohol, 1 oz.


Bladderwrack, Low Alcohol, 1 oz.

Fucus vesiculosus
Super Concentrated made from 1000 mg of Bladderwrack
Gluten Free
Low Alcohol

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Bladderwrack (formal name Fucus Vesiculosis) is a brown seaweed which is a good source of iodine (the mineral needed for proper thyroid function) and of various L-fucose compounds.

Benefits can be seen from ingesting brown seaweeds as food, or by consuming the L-fucose compounds or the seaweed itself in supplemental form.

Nature’s Answer Bladderwrack is made from 1000 mg of bladderwrack. We carefully capture the most important parts of the plant to naturally help support a heathy thyroid.* Keeping it low in alcohol and gluten-free. And because it’s a highly concentrated liquid extract, it’s quickly absorbed by the body, and starts working faster.

Bladderwrack has been an herbal remedy and a culinary element in various cultures for centuries. In fact, bladderwrack was the original source of iodine, which was hugely important in treating various conditions, and is also an important part of a nutritional diet. Bladderwrack is most commonly used as an herbal supplement or powder, which can be consumed directly or mixed into water or facial scrubs to improve its efficacy. While this has been used in alternative treatments for hundreds of years, it is only becoming well-known to the general public recently, so the demand for this herb is definitely rising. The high levels of mucilage, beta-carotene, iodine, potassium, zeaxanthin, and other organic compounds give this herb so much power!

SKU: 083000001390

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